Looking forward to the blog(non-registered)
Hi Richard,
Just visiting the site after a long time away. I see you've got a blog link there. I know blogs can be a bit of a pain at times, but I think a lot of folks would be very happy to see yours get up and rolling. Looking forward to seeing you out there shooting again sometime.
Fred Laberge(non-registered)
Richard, you have a wonderful site. Your work inspires, instructs and brings me great pleasure. Thanks for being so willing to help me improve my skills.
Richard S. fultz(non-registered)
Hi Richard, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your advise to me upon joining the Nikonian web site. It is rare indeed that a newbie like myself gets help from such a veteran as you in the infancy of ones photographic pursuit. you are to be commended sir....and your photographs are stunning to say the least. They give me hope to one day be able to get results even half as good as yours! Thanks again, Richard S. Fultz
Elkanoh Oldacre(non-registered)
Hi Richard,

I ran into you this morning with at Lambton woods. It was nice to meet you. Your photos are awesome!


Michael Huber(non-registered)
Hi Richard...it was nice running into you last week in Humber Bay Park. Thanks for the advice on the TC-20 couple with my 70-200mm f2.8. Your photography is inspirational...keep up the great work!
By the way if you are interested, I have posted some of my images on 500px under my full name. Best, Michael
John wolf(non-registered)
Excellent photographs, Richard!
the kind I only dream of taking.
Fantastic images. Very sharp, great color and detail. I also like how the background accents the subject.
Nikonian Richardd300(non-registered)
Hi, looking at your website I have to congratulate you on the excellent imagery. As a rather poor bird photographer, I find your images inspiring.

Rosemarie Schueler(non-registered)
As you know I have been fond of the picture depicting 'Truffle coming home' for a long time and finally I brought it home today. It looks fantastic over my fireplace.
Chuck Hammill(non-registered)
Sorry Richrd, im my previous email I should have referred to you "Just Foolin' Around" collection -- I must have been thinking of Rod McKuen's (poet) "Five for the Fun of It". Please, keep "foolin' around" -- you look as if you're having a ball!!
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